Image Credit: Fa Baboza (Unsplash)

Image Credit: Fa Baboza (Unsplash)

Mother Blessing Ceremony

Just as a tree GROWS best when anchored to the earth so can a pregnant mother feel STRONG & CAPABLE when supported by a sisterhood of nurturing FRIENDS." 

A Mother Blessing is a special ceremony designed to honour and celebrate a woman’s transition into motherhood. Mother Blessings or Blessingwaysare rooted in the Native American (Navajo) tradition. 

Mother Blessings offer a safe nurturing space for the new mother to explore her fears, hopes and dreams for her new baby and her new life in the company of her most cherished friends and family. Different to a Baby Shower, the focus of a Mother Blessing is on preparing the mother for the challenges and joys that lie ahead rather than on gifts for the baby. 

Mother Blessings are usually held toward the end of the pregnancy (from week 28) and offer the new mother an opportunity to cultivate and receive positive energy and prayers for the birth. Surrounded by the most important women in her life she will gain a sense of power, confidence and support to help her on her way.

Our Mother Blessing ceremonies are tailored to the unique needs and wishes of each new mother.  Friends and family are encouraged to participate in ways that are comfortable and meaningful for them.

Our studio comfortably caters for up to 18 guests.


Traditional Birthing Ceremony