New mothers come to counselling and coaching for all sorts of reasons including managing the enormous life transition of motherhood and adjusting to life with a new baby!

Counselling can help you discover greater peace and perspective as you navigate your journey through pregnancy and early parenthood. Counselling can also help you better manage stress, relationships, poor sleep, birth trauma and perinatal mood disorders such as anxiety, panic and postnatal depression.

Most clients will attend therapy for between 3 - 6 sessions. At the first session we take a brief history and begin the process of identifying your current concerns. We use a number of evidence-informed therapies to help our clients feel more confident, empowered and calm. 

Fiona holds a Masters of Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy and is a Trauma Informed practitioner. She offers Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Family Constellations Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Co-Meditation Practice and Yoga Therapy.

Where indicated Fiona may suggest the use of Flower Essences (Bach or Bush Flowers) to support her client’s therapeutic process. Fiona describes Flowers Essences like ‘therapy in a bottle’ as they help consolidate positive change beyond the counselling session. Flower Essences (FE) are well documented in many Indigenous cultures around the world. They offer a gentle and effective way of supporting mothers through times of stress and change. They are particularly helpful for issues around birth or becoming a new mother and have been used safely for over a hundred years.

Fiona holds a Masters Degree in Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy and is a member of CAPPA. She has qualifications in Bach Flower Remedies, Life Force Yoga For Depression & Anxiety, Yoga Therapy and Transformational Life Coaching.

 Kind words from past clients

"Fiona taught me to realise the incredible potential I had to become the best mum I could possibly be and the opportunity to birth confidently and fearlessly". Kamilah Gheshash

"Fiona guided me to heal many wounds and embrace my daughter's birth as a whole new experience. She guided me to a place within myself which held all the power and helpded me realise it and bring it to the surface to call on when I needed it. She taught me to look into myself to see that everything I needed was already within - I just needed help to break through the mud to allow my Lotus flower to blossom, and it did!"
Rowena C

Health Fund Rebates May Apply - Receipts provided for Health Fund Rebates on request

One Hour Session  - $149 ( 60 minutes)

One Hour Session - $179 (60 minutes)

Bach Flower Remedies - $20 (Refills - $15)

Payment is made at the time of the consultation. We accept Credit Card and Cash.

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