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Our pre and post natal classes are an ideal way to stay strong, fit and healthy during your pregnancy and throughout your baby's first year.

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Prenatal Yoga

Our friendly prenatal yoga classes are suitable for any stage of pregnancy and offer a safe refuge to nurture yourself and your growing baby. We include a unique and body soothing fusion of classical asana (poses) modified for each stage of pregnancy, flowing yoga dance, pranayama (breath awareness), Qi Gong and Mindfulness meditation.

You will also learn 'calm' and 'active' birth skills to help prepare for your labour with greater coinfidence, poise and ease. Prenatal Yoga can help alleviate some of the common symptoms and discomfort associated with pregnancy including back ache, hip and pelvic pain, reflux, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue.

"Fiona taught me to realise the incredible potential I had to become the best mum I could possibly be and the opportunity to birth confidently and fearlessly".

Kamilah Gheshash

We ensure that your practice is safe, fun, and effective. Classes are gentle enough for absolute beginners right through to experienced yoga practitioners. Fiona is trained in yoga therapy for specific pregnancy related conditions and can help modify your practice to suit your needs.

Our classes will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, centred and calm.

"The classes are soulful and fun and Fiona makes every student feel important and included ... the meditation time at the end of the class is nothing short of bliss".

Joanna Tovia (Mindfood)

Post Natal Yoga - Womb In Bloom

Mummy & Me Yoga

Mummy & Me Yoga is a great way to ease back into gentle exercise after the birth of your baby. Our classes are ‘baby friendly’. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of yoga with your baby right along side you. At Mummy & Me babies are free to sleep, feed, cry, laugh, graze and everything else that little ones naturally do.

“ I just love coming to baby yoga with Sienna. It’s such a wonderful safe space for us to connect and gives me a chance to balance and recharge my body.”

Tanya and Sienna

Our classes begin with a brief Mindfulness meditation to help new mamas centre and calm. We include physical postures (asana) to help melt away tension in tired achey muscles and help rebuild strength and stability after the demands of pregnancy and birth.

At Mummy & Me we also introduce your little one to Baby Yoga: gentle moves to help stretch his/her body, build motor co-ordination and restore calm to anxious fretful babies. share the joy of yoga with the new special person in your life. New mamas often tell us that their baby sleeps extra peacefully after class.

Mummy & Me is designed especially to help address common concerns during the early post partum period including sore neck, shoulders and back, weak pelvic floor, abdominal seperation, fatigue, anxiety and low mood.

Our classes also offer mothers the chance to connect with other new mamas in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment. At Womb In Bloom we focus on restoring your strength, energy and wellbeing from the inside out. You'll leave our classes feeling refreshed and renewed!

"It has been a really fulfilling semester of yoga and I feel like Freja and I have made a very special journey together since the first class, you are wonderful and very much loved and appreciated."

Katy and baby Freya

"It’s so wonderful to have a stretch and be with my baby at the same time. We always leave feeling completely relaxed and revitalised. It’s the highlight of our week!”

Lisa and baby Minka