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BUD - preconception yoga & support

Photo by Chungkuk Bae

Photo by Chungkuk Bae

A regular fertility yoga and meditation practice will help optimise your potential to conceive. We know that our modern lifestyles can cause stress to a number of the sub-systems of the body including the nervous system, digestive system, neurological system and the reproductive system. 

A number of factors can make falling pregnant more challenging including;
- Chronic physical and/or emotional stress
- History of Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
- Illness or Disease
- Genetic factors
- Lifestyle factors including exercise, sleep and your environment
- Poor Diet
- Relationship issues

Anxiety about falling pregnant is a normal response for mothers and couples when trying to conceive.  Fertility yoga helps regulate the nervous system and reduces circulating stress hormones which can inhibit conception. 

A typical practice session includes specific postures (asanas), meditation and breathing practices targeted to help prepare the body and mind for successful implantation. Yoga also helps regulate the nervous system and reduces stress hormones which can prohibit conception. 

Fertility yoga is an effective Adjunctive therapy and can be practiced safely alongside Assisted Fertility Treatment (IVF) and other Natural Fertility programs.



❀ Balances endocrine (hormonal) system
❀ Promotes deep relaxation and diminishes stress levels
❀ Optimises reproductive health
❀ Enhances successful implantation
❀ Improves Interoception - body awareness and attunement

Fertility Yoga At Womb In Bloom

We offer both Fertility Yoga Classes, Workshops and Private sessions for women planning to conceive.

5 Week Course

Our Fertility yoga courses are specially designed to support you during run throughout the year. sessions are an ideal way for women to gently and safely explore the mind-body connection in fertility. Sessions are typically one hour in duration and designed to help refine your awareness of your body’s cycles and attune to your body’s needs. 

* You will need to put aside approximately 20 - 30 minutes   2 - 3 times per week for your at-home Fertility yoga practice.

Our workshops are conducted with an experienced Naturopath and Nutritionist specialising in Preconception Health & Wellbeing.

Please contact us for upcoming dates and for more information.