BUD ~ preconception


Fertility Yoga

A regular fertility yoga and meditation practice will help optimise your potential to conceive. We know that our modern lifestyles can cause stress to a number of the sub-systems of the body including the nervous system, digestive system, neurological system and the reproductive system.

Fertility yoga is an effective Adjunctive therapy and can be practiced safely alongside Assisted Fertility Treatment (IVF) and other Natural Fertility programs.

We offer both Fertility Yoga Workshops and Private sessions for women planning to conceive.


BLOSSOM - pregnancy


Prenatal Yoga Classes

Our friendly prenatal yoga classes are suitable for any stage of pregnancy and offer a safe refuge to nurture yourself and your growing baby. We include a unique and body soothing fusion of classical asana (poses) modified for each stage of pregnancy, flowing yoga dance, pranayama (breath awareness), Qi Gong and Mindfulness meditation. You will also learn 'calm' and 'active' birth skills to help prepare for your labour with greater coinfidence, poise and ease. Prenatal Yoga can help alleviate some of the common symptoms and discomfort associated with pregnancy including back ache, hip and pelvic pain, reflux, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue.



BLOOM - fourth trimester & beyond

Mother Nurture Event Thumbnail.png

Mother Nurture - Restorative Yoga Classes

Mother Nurture is a soothing fusion of Restorative & Yin yoga to help replenish your energy and restore a sense of inner clarity and calm. Restorative yoga offers a tranquil refuge from the busyness and overwhelm of our everyday lives. Simply, it puts back what the demands of life can sometimes take out.

This is an ideal class If you're a busy mama on-the-go. Mother Nurture offers sacred time to experience deep rest and from the inside out and restore energy, balance, and calm with our Mother Nurture Restorative Yoga classes. Drop-Ins Welcome



Mummy & Me Yoga Classes

Our Mummy & Me Post Natal Yoga classes are the perfect way to ease back into gentle exercise after the birth of your baby. Tone and shape up while enjoying scheduled relaxation and rest time with the new special little person in your life. Our classes also offer mothers the chance to connect with other new mamas in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment. Our classes are ‘baby friendly’. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of yoga with your baby right along side you. At Mummy & Me babies are free to sleep, feed, cry, laugh, graze and everything else that little ones naturally do.




Private one on one sessions

Yoga Therapy sessions allow us to delve into a personalised yoga practice for you according to your needs.