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The Birth Of Your Baby Is Going To Be A Wonderful Life Changing Event! 

Whether it's your first, second or third baby it marks the beginning of a brand new journey for you and your partner! 

While that’s incredibly exciting it can also be quite unnerving even a little scary! Right! Birth can be unpredictable and challenging. How would you feel if you could shorten the length of your labour by more than a third, if you could significantly reduce reliance on orthodox pain relief* and have a CALMER more ENJOYABLE and EMPOWERING birth experience?

Well, the GOOD NEWS is You Most Definitely Can!!
Our fun, practical and informative workshops are designed to help you and your partner prepare for a natural active birth.We will show you and your partner how to transform worry into wisdom, fear into courage, and doubt into focus and power. 

Our Active Birth Workshops For Couples braid together the timeless wisdom from the Eastern Wisdom Traditions with modern neuroscience to bring you highly effective evidence based ‘CALM’ & ‘ACTIVE’ birth skills to help you and your partner approach your labour with greater confidence and ease. 

Our Mindfulness based approach to childbirth will help you reframe your experience of pain and help build self-efficacy and confidence. Exciting new research shows that families who use Mindfulness to prepare for birth have lower rates of orthodox pain relief and feel more in control of their birthing experience.* (Duncan. L, et. al. 2014) 

At Womb In Bloom we know that birth favours a relaxed mother! We’ll show you how to tap into natural inner resources and introduce new skills so you can navigate your way through your labour artfully and gracefully. One of the best resources for birth is right under your nose. Learn how to use your breath, deep relaxation, and creative visualisation to create a more fulfilling empowering and joyous birth experience.

“Thanks so much for the wonderful active birth workshop! It helped us to discover and honour our body's inner strength and readiness for the task of birth. Birth is a natural process that involves understanding simple concepts such as the use of gravity, having the right state of mind, practicing postures and working as a team with your partner and baby.
This course helped us to take our confidence to a whole new level. We highly recommend this workshop to couples who want to face their fears and turn their birth into a memorable and enjoyable experience.Thanks Fiona”
~ Celina and Juan

(Swahili for father child)
Dads today are playing a much more significant role in the delivery room! We not only expect fathers to be there we demand that they be there! Nearly 90% of dads are now present at the birth of their children. Yet, birth can be a daunting prospect for a new father. He might feel nervous, unprepared or frightened. Or, he might end up feeling like the third wheel at what is, after all, going to be one of the most important events in his life! 

Our workshops will help your partner to feel safe, supported and confident as your birth approaches. We’ll show him the very best ways to offer practical and effective assistance during labour. We’ll also demonstrate easy, comfortable, and effective birthing positions that you can use together during each stage of labour.

"Your Active Birth Workshop For Couples was the most powerful workshop I have ever done! I knew it was empowering but now, one and a half years later, I reflect upon it with so much gratitude towards you for holding that space. I knew I was on a good thing by persisting that Oscar do your workshop with me :). With much resistance from him and much persistence from me he finally came around and was the most amazing support person during the birth of our beautiful daughter Layla. The connection and bond we now have is everlasting. The active birth tools you shared helped us achieve the birth of our dreams ... Thank you and I hope many more parents-to-be enjoy what you have to offer. It's undeniably pure gold!" 
~ Belinda and Oscar

Our workshops also include indigenous birthing practices that empower both women and men during the transition into parenthood. Gentle process work will help deepen your connection with your body, your partner and especially with your new baby!

Active Birth offers new parents a holistic approach to birth that has been shown to shorten the duration of labour by more than a third, can significantly reduce reliance on orthodox pain relief and result in fewer assisted births, less pain, and fewer episiotomies.* (Cochrane Review - Gupta and Nikoderm. 2000).

"Just a brief note to say a BIG thank you for a wonderful workshop!! We picked up loads of tips and you really reassured us about the beauty of natural birthing.... Ben is really glad he came along to better understand what I have been trying to communicate with him about what I want the birthing process to be for me/us ... a small breakthrough”.
Nathalie and Ben McNeil


☆ How a MINDFULNESS based approach to birth can help you successfully navigate your unique birth experience CONFIDENTLY AND FEARLESSLY

☆ How to recognise your unique pain coping style.

☆ How to develop a strong PAIN COPING mindset

☆ How to effectively work with your body, breath and mind to create a rewarding and satisfying birth experience

☆ How to use your voice and specific BREATHING TECHNIQUES to manage contractions

☆ How to use different BIRTHING POSITIONS for each stage of labour and for different birth presentations.

☆ How to identify and align with the THREE CORE VALUES that you wish to honour during your birth and together as parents moving into parenthood

Conscious MINDFULNESS Based Active Birth is my PASSION.

I look forward to helping you and your partner reach your full birthing potential!

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Mummy & Me - New Term Starts 5 June
to 3 Jul.

Mummy & Me - New Term Starts 5 June

Starts 5 June 2017 - 5 week term
** Maximum 8 Spots Available Per Class **
Our Mummy & Me Post Natal Yoga classes are the perfect way to ease back into exercise after the birth of your baby. Tone and shape up while enjoying scheduled rest time with the new special little person in your life. Our classes also offer mothers the chance to connect with other new mamas in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment. 

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Family Yoga - Pop-Up Class
9:30 am09:30

Family Yoga - Pop-Up Class


You're invited to join us for our special POP UP Family Yoga class this Easter Monday. This is a one off class for mums, dads, older siblings and babies to have some 'time out' to play, reconnect and wind down before the working week begins. 
It's also a wonderful opportunity to share the fun and joy of yoga with the special partner in your life!

Family yoga is great for the whole family!
It helps build motor skills in toddlers and children
Develops curiosity, imagination and concentration, 
Cultivates trust and working collaboratively. 

Family yoga is suitable for families with babies through to primary school age children.

COST: Price: $39
( includes the whole family)

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