Starts 18th February (5 week term)
Sundays  4:00pm - 5:15pm
** Maximum 8 Spots Available Per Class **

Mother Nurture - Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness 


Mother Nurture is a soothing fusion of restorative yoga with powerful meditation techniques to help recharge your batteries and restore a sense of clarity, calm and wellbeing. Restorative yoga offers a tranquil refuge from the busyness and overwhelm of our everyday lives. Simply, it puts back what the demands of life can sometimes take out. 

Take time to care for your body from the inside out and restore energy, balance, and calm with our Mother Nurture Restorative Yoga classes. 



❀ enhanced immune function and wellbeing
❀ develops mental poise, focus, and clarity
❀ lowers reactivity to stress and life's challenges
❀ promotes deep cellular healing and renewal
❀ restores connection to inner wisdom and creativity
❀ enhances relaxation and restful sleep
❀ increases resilience and coping skills to manage tiny people with big demands!

SOMATIC MINDFULNESS (or Interoception) helps us develop true presence and patience. It helps us practice embodiment, by paying attention to 'what is' and by cultivating deep compassion and insight. We learn to recognise the sacred in all things and understand the value of connection to self and others.

This offering is facilitated with experienced yoga teacher and Mindfulness meditation mentor, Fiona Donohoe-Bales. Fiona is a mother of three and knows intimately the joys and challenges of raising happy healthy kids.

"When practised with intention and from the heart yoga helps us reconnect with that part of us that is stable, fresh and fully alive to the present." Fiona

$135  - 5 Class Yoga Pass