Pregnancy Yoga & Spa Retreat

22 - 24 June 2018, CENTRAL COAST, NSW

Come Celebrate Your Pregnancy At Our Pregnancy Yoga & Spa Retreat!

Join Womb In Bloom Founder Fiona Donohoe-Bales and Perinatal Chiropractor Dr Sara Winchester for a heavenly weekend of gentle yoga, Mindfulness & Theta meditation, deep rest & total relaxation. 

The retreat also includes holistic childbirth education, natural parenting tips, and freshly prepared locally-grown organic food all in the company of other lovely mamas in bloom.

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Active Birth Workshop For Couples

Sunday 8  April  2018


This practical, informative and fun one day workshop is designed to prepare you for a natural active birth. We'll demonstrate highly effective evidence-informed 'active' and 'calm' birth skills to help you approach your labour with greater confidence, assurance and calm.

You and your partner will discover plenty of tips and tools to help manage the intensity of  labour and welcome your new baby with confidence and inner calm. Our workshops braid together Active Birth techniques,  Mindfulness-based Childbirth education and applied Neuroscience to help couples reach your full birthing potential! 



Mother Nurture Restorative Yoga

Starts 18 February 2018

Sundays 4.30 - 5.45 PM

Mother Nurture is a unique fusion of Restorative yoga poses braided with Mindfulness meditation to help restore a sense of calm, clarity, equanimity and wellbeing. Come home to your own inner sanctuary; a place of refuge and quiet stability where the answers to the big questions can be found.

Research shows that mothers who regularly take time out for themselves are more resilient and are better able to handle the everyday challenges of motherhood. I personally LOVE Restorative yoga because it helps puts back what the demands of life can sometimes take out.
Simply, it's one of the best ways I know to fill your cup!

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Mindfulness 4 Mothers

Starts 16 APRIL 2018

Mondays  7 - 8.00 PM (5 weeks)


Nurturing ourselves empowers us to nurture the people we love and care about. Through practice we can develop connection, clarity, calm and compassion for ourselves and for others. 

A regular Mindfulness meditation practice will help restore a sense of peace and perspective no matter where you are along your Motherhood journey. Being a busy mum is challenging and can often rob us of the quietude and serenity that belongs to us all.

A common lament from mothers we meet is that they have neither the time nor the patience to meditate. Paradoxically though, the practice of meditation actually helps cultivate the very things we are seeking; a sense of spaciousness and flow which allows us to focus on those things that are of real value and true worth in our daily lives. 

Mindfulness nourishes the spirit and helps us rediscover meaning and purpose in our mothering experience.

Mindfulness meditation has many wonderful BENEFITS:

* enhances mental health & wellbeing

* develops mental poise, concentration, and clarity

* soothes the 'lizard brain' - the part of the brain responsible for the stress response

* boosts immune system and resilience

* promotes deep cellular healing and renewal

* restores connection to our source of inner wisdom, guidance, and creativity

* enhances relaxation and more refreshing sleep 

This five week course is an ideal introduction to Mindfulness philosophy and practice. Each week we will explore the Four pillars of mindfulness and the Eight foundational attitudes that inform the essential teachings of the Buddhist Dharma. 

The course includes both discussion and enquiry along with different Mindfulness meditation practices designed to suit modern western ‘sitters’. We will also include Metta or ‘Loving-Kindness’ meditation to enhance self-acceptance, love and joy.

The meditation practices you will learn in this course will help build a strong and informed foundation for your own at-home practice.

Course fee includes a Mindfulness For Mothers Journal and a recorded home practice. Participants are invited to join a closed Mindfulness For Mothers Facebook group for ongoing Mindfulness tips, support and questions. Please be aware this is a course. Sorry, no drop-ins.

FEE: $125

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Mummy & Me Yoga


Mondays 9.30 - 10.45 am

** Limited Spots Left **

Stretch out, relax and find your COOL again at our Mummy & Me Yoga classes.

Mummy & Me is designed to give new mums a great stretch and help develop strength, core stability, and flexibility. Come along and soothe away tension in tired achy muscles and have fun connecting with your baby and other new mamas. Our classes include simple Mindfulness exercises perfect for new mothers.

We also introduce your little one to BABY YOGA; gentle moves to help stretch his/her body, build motor co-ordination and restore calm to anxious fretful babies. Mummy & Me is a great way to share the joy of YOGA with your baby. New mums often tell us that their bubba sleeps extra peacefully after class! 


❀ Nurtures the bond with your baby & enhances your baby's attachment with you

❀ Develops a healthy and compassionate relationship with your post baby bod

❀ Restores pelvic floor tone, abdominal and back strength 

❀ Rejuvenates energy and enhances mental & emotional wellbeing

❀ Eases tension in the 'Mother Muscles' - neck, shoulders and back

Our regular TEA & TALKS following our yoga classes are very popular and a great way to meet other new mums in your hood. Womb in Bloom offers regular talks from a team of dedicated local holistic health practitioners who specialise in looking after mums and their babies.